Weekly Fone Update

1 min readApr 17, 2022


Hello Everyone,

Happy Easter!

Welcome to our weekly update!

This week was a bit different than what we have planned to work on.

As many of you have noticed, the Solana network had a bad stage and for about 5–7 days, the network had a tremendous increase of transactions, leading to very poor performance. We have had many transactions that failed upon completing our daily withdrawal requests and we had to account for an odd design flaw in Solana’s way of creating hashes (signatures). We have spent more than 40 hours working on script adjustments to make sure all withdrawal requests go through and that no “dead” hashes are allowed.

At some point, the Solana network had 40,000 ping and 99% transaction failures. From 100 sent transactions, only 1 would make it. It was a very challenging task, but we managed to work around it and if there is another “bottleneck” we will be able to process withdraws even when there is almost no chance to send transactions.

Of course, if FONE was on its own blockchain, this situation could have been avoided, but looking at the bright side of this, we now know what to avoid doing when building the custom blockchain.

We will continue with our blockchain development news next week!

The Fone Team




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