Thursday 2/23/18 Q&A Session Summary

4 min readFeb 23, 2018


Hello everyone, and welcome to our Q&A Thursday Session. I am glad to be here and to give you an update on our progress.

Question: When the iPhone screen is off, the app doesn’t mine. Why?
Answer: I have a feeling I am going to be asked this often! So initially we decided to launch the iOS app without the background mining to test how the app works and to get it through the rigid Apple approval process. We will release an update soon implementing the background mining ability.

Question: Have you considered the many products that are out for the PC and Mac that emulate phones?
Answer: We have. We have put code in place to isolate emulators and to allow the apps to work on mobile phones only. We continue to monitor this and improve on our known list.

Question: Why does the iOS app show less number of miners?
Answer: This is because the background mining is not implemented, and as soon as the user goes “Home” or in another app, this excludes him/her from mining. This will change with the addition of background mining.

Question: Will you enable us to credit our PHM account with bitcoin before the ICO day, so that we don’t run into confirmation issues on ICO day?
Answer: The way the token sale will work is by registering in advance on our website. Then on the day our sale opens, people will be able to participate by sending cryptocurrency to a contract, and will not be “funding” their accounts. This should make it easy for everyone to participate and will dramatically eliminate hacking opportunities.

Question: On Android phones, the settings for every device are different. How do you plan to tackle this, as battery performance, optimization and WiFi/data settings configuration methods are so many.
Answer: We are going to implement a settings menu, from which anyone can customize the user experience to suit their device and needs.

Question: So does this mean when we install the app, the permissions can be chosen by user without affecting the mining process? In India, many do not like the idea of allowing permissions to their gallery, SD card, contact list, etc.
Answer: Yes this is correct. We will only ask for permissions when an action is performed, like scanning a QR code.

Question: Do you plan to implement secure private messages over the blockchain (IM over blockchain)? I think it will bring a lot of functionality and will bring more miners. The only adequate such IM app is dust now, so there won’t be much competition.
Answer: Implementing a blockchain IM solution might congest the network, but we are looking to implement a private messaging system within Phoneum as we speak.

Question: Is Phoneum aware of the safety benefits using ERC23 tokens instead of ERC20 for noob token holders? And if not planned for launch, will you in the future?
Answer: Thank for bringing this up, ERC23 does make a difference, and we are definitely aware that we can make the process easier. We are going to make the token handling process as simple and easy as possible.

Question: What are our benefits for mining after airdrop tasks are over? Why should we mine?
Answer: The biggest benefit after the airdrop is that it continues to help build a secure, safe, and fast network. In addition, it allows us to test and improve upon the software. We truly appreciate everyone’s support in building the project!

Question: I would like to see on the screen the icon with the number of devices running on my account. Is this possible?
Answer: Love this idea! Will implement it for sure.

Question: Can you add a run on boot function?
Answer: This will be one of the customizable features we will implement under the setting menu.

Question: What about auto connect when a user losses the connection? The user does not even realize connection is lost and miner has stopped.
Answer: This is a feature we are working on as we speak, and will implement with the next update, or the update after.

Question: Can we use the iOS code on more than one device?
Answer: The invitation code can be used on one Account, not a device. Therefore the same Apple ID can sign on multiple devices, download TestFlight, and access Phoneum this way.

Question: How many beta seats will be added or opened before the official release?
Answer: 10k initially for iOS Beta, 10k for Android Alpha. Then 10k for Android Beta.

Question: Apologies if this has been answered already or perhaps needs to wait for Q&A… but is there a “Lock-up Period” for employees and private sale investors?
Answer: There will be an escrow, which will release both funds on May 18th. The last day of the token sale. After the closing day. People can go through the KYC process to claim and receive their tokens from all the Token sale, Airdrop, and Bounty.

Question: Is this an open source project?
Answer: The project will be listed on Github and will be open source, once it is fully released.

Question: How does PoT work? Created per second, minutes or hr? And will it be infinite?
Answer: The PoT (Proof of Time) is based on an algorithm which is formed by time vs difficulty. It will decrease over time until the total supply is reached.

Question: When will you give clear picture about payment/purchase PHM with credit cards (including Indian credit cards)?
Answer: This will happen when we get closer to the token sale.

Thank you, everyone, for all your questions. I am glad to answer them! You are all amazing, and we love you all! Stay tuned as we are about to show you our new look.

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