1 min readAug 22, 2021

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that the first PHTG burn is now complete!

7,841,900,000 PHTG was burned which reduced the total supply to 992,158,100,000 Bil PHTG. The PHTG was sent to an official Tron burn address named “Black Hole”.

We have also released a new update for Crypto Cards, so everyone can keep track of these stats. Download or update your game to version 3.0.6 and open the Burn PHTG window from the menu.

There is a “Check Burnt PHTG” button on that screen, which opens the burn address on Tronscan. There are a ton of tokens that get sent to this address, so it’s best to search for PHTG in the address to find it.

Please note that the amount sent to the address might be different from the one displayed in the game as we send tokens once a month.

Thank you for your continued support!

Stay tuned for more exciting news soon!

The Phoneum Team




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