PHT Migration to Tron Completed

Hello everyone,

The maintenance for Cloud Earning PHT and Crypto Treasures is now completed! We are waiting for Google to approve the new apps, and then we will send a notification when the update is available. Crypto Planet is planned to become available on Monday, July 27. Thank you for your patience!

This was a major update to the structure of the database. It has been revamped to make data requests faster and smaller, which will save your data and reduce loading times in the app.

From this point on, PHT in all our apps and games is now a Tron-based TRC10 token. To swap your old Ethereum-based ERC20 PHT tokens, open the menu tab on the main screen of Crypto Treasures or the More section in Cloud Earning PHT and select the “Migrate PHT” option. This will provide you with the steps to deposit your old PHT into your account, which will automatically be converted to the new token and you can then withdraw to your preferred Tron wallet. Any withdrawal fees will be waived for the first 2 weeks after this update.

Withdrawal limits have been decreased, with the minimum withdrawal amount for PHT being reduced from 30,000 to 20,000 with further reductions in the coming weeks. We have also enabled withdrawals to be always available, so you can withdraw as quickly as you can earn!

With our migration to the Tron blockchain, we have decided to focus primarily on the Tron network, therefore the ERC20 tokens and some of the other lesser-known cryptocurrencies are now available to convert to PHT.

We will keep the most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC) and have introduced 3 new Tron-based tokens in our games. Please welcome PYRO, LVH, and IGG.

Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the new updates!

The Phoneum Team

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