Phoneum Green — PHTG

2 min readJul 16, 2021

Hello Everyone,

While Phoneum is a mobile-only cryptocurrency, completing withdrawal requests does require a computer. This process, which consumes nowhere near as much electricity as traditional crypto mining does, has helped us evolve in a very special way!

Today marks a major milestone and a new beginning for the Phoneum project!

Introducing Phoneum Green — A brand new token officially released by Phoneum, which offsets its own carbon footprint automatically, each time a withdrawal request is processed in our apps or games.

Token Statistics:

Name: Phoneum Green
Symbol: PHTG
Blockchain: TRON
Token type: TRC10
Total Supply: 1 Trillion
Token Features: CO2 Offset, Burning, Earning, Staking

Phoneum Green or PHTG is going to coexist with PHT in a way that each token is standalone, but both tokens will be accepted and used in our ecosystem, starting with Crypto Cards!

Within the next couple of days, the “Green” update in Crypto Cards will feature PHTG and will bring the new functionality that Phoneum Green offers — Burning tokens!

Later this summer, PHTG will also be introduced for earning and staking in Cloud Earning PHT, as well as used to offset CO2 in Green Karma.

In honor of PHT, we will list PHTG on P2PB2B first, to keep PHT exclusively on the Probit Global exchange. Moving forward, PHT and PHTG will both be listed on more exchanges.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for more exciting updates soon!

The Phoneum Team




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