Green Karma Version 2.0

2 min readMay 5, 2022

Hello Everyone,

Today marks a new beginning for Green Karma!

We are excited to announce that Green Karma 2.0 is live on Google Play:

The game has been rebuilt from the ground up, with many adjustments to the way players interact with the game and get rewarded!

Featuring a beautiful new design and calming music, Green Karma focuses on making Earth a cleaner place while getting rewarded with crypto. The game is also getting greener by replacing energy intensive cryptocurrencies with environmentally friendly BCT and FONE.

Introducing Base Carbon Tonne — BCT!
BCT is a carbon index token, backed by various offsets from multiple projects, bridged by the Toucan Protocol. When a player offsets CO2, the game gives BCT rewards at a 1 BCT = 1 Tonne ratio, as well as our cryptocurrency FONE and a Certificate Card. Each Certificate Card represents a 1kg CO2 offset.

Collect 100 Certificate Cards and mint a personal Offset Certificate in your name! Each certificate has a unique number and also includes your name and the amount of CO2 offset. All your certificates are saved to your profile and you can share them with anyone, or print them.

The amount of wheel spins and minigames daily has been reduced to avoid redundancy, but rewards have been increased. This way players can focus on the important aspects to offset and get rewarded.

Running low on cards?
Visit the Market to swap cards or trade them for FONE.

This is a major update for Green Karma and we would love to hear your feedback so please rate the game from the menu and let us know your thoughts!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates soon!

The Fone Team




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