Fone Weekly Update

1 min readMay 21, 2022


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our weekly announcement!

Last week, we began implementing the foundation of our Fone Blockchain into Crypto Cards. Alongside, we started implementing the Battle Stage, too.

In order to provide both single-player and Multiplayer experiences, the game will revolve around opening boosters to collect cards to complete 44 collections (already present in Crypto Cards 1.0). Each completed collection will unlock a battle card, which can be used to form a 5-card battle deck. This is good news for everyone who has played the game before, as completing collections in Crypto Cards 1.0 will automatically unlock the corresponding battle cards in Crypto Cards 2.0.

Once a player has 5 or more cards to form a Battle Deck, that player can participate in a real-time Multiplayer Arena. The battle is turn-based and each player will have to make some choices, depending on the condition of the battle.

Until the update is ready, Crypto Cards will not be able to be found on Google Play, but everyone with the game installed on their devices will be able to continue playing.

We will share more details about the Arena and how battles take place next week!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements soon!

The Fone Team




Fone is a decentralized cryptocurrency, that operates on mobile devices via app ONLY. For more information, please visit our website: