Fone Network 4.8 Update

2 min readOct 26, 2023

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that version 4.8 of the Fone Network app is live! Download or update the app today!

Google Play:

Apple App Store:

As we get closer and closer to the release of our custom mobile Fone Blockchain, we are starting to redesign and adjust most of the functionalities. The home page features a new simplified design to show the most important aspects of the network.

Introducing Fone Plus!

Users can now explore all the purchasable items in one place, with the ability to stack up Premium and Power FONE Token earning sessions and Boosts with up to a 15% discount. Those sessions are also visible on the top of the home page alongside the available Credits and Tether balance (USDT).

The newly added ‘Use FONE’ section features a complete list of use cases and ways to earn more FONE.

This update also re-introduces NFT Gifts. It is easier than ever before to gift someone an NFT. Access your profile from the top left of the screen, select the NFT you wish to send and press the ‘Gift’ button. Share the gift code with anyone through Social Media, Email, or even SMS and get notified when it is received.

Season 4 of our Limited Edition Collection AI NFTs is also starting today! This season’s theme is “Autumn”. USDT rewards for this season are $1,900. Rates to obtain a Mythic rarity of these NFTs have also been improved, making it more likely for you to claim one of these fantastic rewards.

November and December will be filled with news about the upcoming release of our mobile Fone Blockchain, so keep an eye out for more exciting updates soon!


Home Page Redesign
FONE Plus Added
FONE Use Cases List Added
Gift NFTs
Season 4 Live Now

The Fone Team




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