androCrypto Treasures Update — Deposit PHT, Trade and More

Hello Everyone,

We have looked forward to this day for a very long time!

A new update of the Crypto Treasures game for Android (v.2.0.2) is now available on Google Play:

- Introducing the ability to Deposit PHT directly in the game!

With the introduction of the Blockchain Chest with version 2.0, this chest quickly became the most popular chest in the game. With more than 90,000 Blockchain Chests opened, we had to add this feature! To make it even more exciting, we have added 12 new tokens for you to find in the Blockchain Chest!


DO NOT SEND FROM PROBIT EXCHANGE!!! Send PHT directly from the PHT Wallet, or any other ERC20 supported wallet. If you want to deposit PHT from Probit, send it first to a proper wallet and then deposit it in the game from there.

- Trading Patch Badges

Players can now trade Patch badges to complete their collection even faster! Submitting a trade request costs 100 Gold and there is a limit of 3 trade requests per user. Each trade request stays available for 2 weeks after which, the badge gets returned to the player and 50 Gold refunded to his/her account. Trade wisely.

If you need assistance with anything, contact us at and we will be happy to help!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

The Phoneum Team