Crypto Treasures 2.0 Update

3 min readApr 21, 2020


Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce the biggest update for the Android version of Crypto Treasures since it’s initial release!

Welcome to Crypto Treasures 2.0, full of new features and perks. Download or update on Google Play Now:

We have completely redesigned the game from the ground up, focusing on an improved, simple player interface, along with faster gameplay. Everything is now on one large screen, with all chests and the Shop in the middle, your Crypto wallets and collectibles on the right and minigames on the left of the island. Use the signs on the bottom of the screen, or simply swipe left or right to pan to those elements.

Moving forward, you won’t need items to access game features like opening chests, digging for treasure, or boosting the rewards from the wheel. Instead, you can activate those features directly using Gold. Therefore, you won’t find any items in chests anymore, but we have also significantly reduced the prices of all chests. You can continue to use your remaining items as before and when you run out, the game will automatically exclude them from your items panel.

Introducing a brand new chest — Blockchain Chest. You can open one by using PHT and receive other Cryptocurrencies and XP. Every time a Blockchain chest is opened, 5 PHT is added to a Prize Pool. The first player to claim the Patch Badge Collection will also collect all PHT from the Prize Pool.

The Quests Log is now accessible from anywhere in the game. The list is also minimalistic, making it easier to navigate and focus on the important aspects.

You can open the menu drawer on the right side of the main screen to find most of the familiar features as well as new additions like Captain, Challenges, and Secret Codes.

Become a Captain and unlock the full potential of Crypto Treasures for a full year, including lower withdrawal limits, double rewards from all chests, quests and minigames, remove all ads from the game, and more!

To thank you all for being part of the Crypto Treasures family we want to share the first secret code with 10,000 players. Enter “ctupdate20” to receive 1500 Gold.

With all these amazing changes and improvements, we have decided to unpublish “Treasure Battle”, “Cannon Blast”, and “Treasure Stairs” from Google Play and the Apple App Store for the purpose of focusing on Crypto Treasures. The built-in PHT earning mechanism is also removed along with the Earning quest. Everyone interested in continuing to earn PHT should use the standalone “Cloud Earning PHT” application, available in both Google and Apple stores.

Since this is a major update, please use the “Help” feature in the Settings to report anything or to simply share your thoughts with us!

We are working on the iOS version and will release it as soon as it is ready and approved by Apple.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The Phoneum Team




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