Crypto Cards NFT Collection

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce an important update for Crypto Cards!

Download or Update your game to version 2.1.0 from Google Play:

Introducing the 1st Edition NFT Collection!

Players will now find a new Album on the main screen that represents NFT Collections in the game. This update brings the 1st Edition NFT Collection — Crypto Cards. The reason we separated the NFT collections from the in-game collections is that NFTs work quite differently.

The only way to get an NFT card is by receiving it in your crypto wallet. Most NFTs live on the Ethereum Blockchain, this is why we chose to mint the 1st Edition on the ETH network.

In order to confirm ownership of any NFT cards, players need to connect to their ETH wallet that holds the NFT.

Another important trait of the 1st Edition NFTs is that those cards are unique, so there will ever be only one of each card. This makes them extraordinarily rare, which is the reason for why we decided to reward the owner for each card with 3 Million PHT. Please note, that those rewards can only be claimed by one person.

Collecting all nine cards will unlock the ability to claim the ultimate reward of 50 Million PHT. In combination with the 3 Million PHT reward per card, the total PHT reward is 77 Million if a player is able to acquire all nine cards.

Each NFT card will be distributed through the largest NFT marketplace — OpenSea.

The first card is already available here:

We will use 30% of the proceeds of each card to purchase PHT from the exchange.

Happy collecting to everyone!

The Phoneum Team