CO2 Game Major Update

2 min readApr 8, 2020


Hello Everyone,

We have achieved a big milestone in the CO2 Game!

We want to thank you for your phenomenal efforts while playing the game to help reduce 100 TONS of CO2!

To celebrate this important moment, we are excited to announce that a major update is now available for the CO2 Game (version 1.0.4)!

Download or update from Google Play:

Up until now, the CO2 Game allows you to play and reduce real-life CO2 emissions using the PHT token to help protect and regenerate the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil!

Starting today, you will be able to help another cause, to clean plastic from the oceans!

In order to distinguish between the CO2 in-game cryptocurrency and the real-life CO2 that players reduce, we have decided to replace the in-game currency CO2 with Oxygen.
All CO2 in the game is automatically converted to Oxygen — the new in-game currency.

New Game Features:

- Reduce real-life plastics from the oceans
- A Brand New Ocean View
- Complete New Tasks
- New Minigame
- Tap the Tree is now Tap the Bottle
- 24h Oxygen earning Boat
- Progressive Tasks can be restarted once completed
- Plastic Cleaned Leaderboard

We are in the process of finishing the iOS version and will release it with all new functionalities as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The Phoneum Team




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