Card Clash Version 1.3.0

2 min readDec 2, 2022


Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that a BIG UPDATE of Card Clash is now live on Google Play!

Update or download version 1.3.0:

Introducing Season 5!

There are 99 NEW cards for you to find in boosters and 11 NEW collections that make the number of pages in your Album 55!

We have also made some design improvements to the Splash, Main, Shop, and Arena screens.

Players can now build a 3-card deck alongside the 5-card deck. All Battle Cards can be upgraded up to 20, with each level increasing the card’s live points, and every 5 levels will also give 1 base damage added to each dice roll.

Level-up battle cards by collecting and using the duplicates. Remember that each collection you redeem from the Album now gives a random battle card. The adjustment is made to balance the battle cards distribution.

Introducing New Arena Rooms!

With version 1.3.0, players can choose between 7 Arenas for each 3-card and 5-card battle, with increased fee-to-entry cost and higher rewards. Experienced players can participate in more advanced Arena Rooms to maximize their rewards.

The battle gameplay has been improved as well. Players can now drag & drop cards from their hands to play them, making the battle go faster.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Happy Collecting & Battling!

Best Regards,

The Fone Team




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