Card Clash

2 min readJul 28, 2022


Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to announce the next massive update for Crypto Cards today!

It has been almost three months since we put our entire focus on bringing the long-awaited Battle Stage, as well as the initial implementation of the FONE Blockchain, into our apps and games.

While we have a long way to go, the foundation is ready, which includes a ton of work and adjustments to the game, especially at the system’s core.

We decided to rebuild the game from the ground up (hence, why it took longer than expected)

While almost all features from the previous game are still present, we have made the game around the Battle Stage — which we now call The Arena.

With all these changes in place, we decided to release it as a brand new game and rename it from Crypto Cards to Card Clash!

GOOD NEWS to everyone who has been playing Crypto Cards.

Log in to your account, and all your progress will carry over to Card Clash, including Your cards, Stats and Level. Even better, all missions are ready to be claimed to get a head start in the new game.

The game is releasing in August, with Pre-registrations open on Google Play:

Stay tuned because we will release more details about the game soon!

The Fone Team




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